27 hectares of centennial forest

Absorbing 150 tons of CO2 annually

Forest heritage

Selvans is a non-profit association formed by a group of people who work to conserve the forest heritage. Today, we are in charge of protecting 27 hectares of centennial forest in a forest in Catalonia called VENTÓS, composed of mature holm oaks. The older the forest is, the more CO2 it can absorb. In the case of the VENTÓS forest, it is currently capable of absorbing some 150 tons of CO2 annually. In 2021, we emitted 161 tons of CO2. We are currently calculating our carbon footprint for 2022, but we already know with certainty that it is less than 150 tons.
Because we only have this planet.

Ventós' forest
Jaume Hidalgo i Colomé (Sèlvans.ONG)