You can only travel to the future

In this interview we will learn a little about the most personal facet of our Warehouse Manager, Juan Higueras.

Ramon RubauExplain to us your day-to-day management.
As Warehouse Manager, I manage from the daily reception of aromatic chemicals and essential oils at Ventós to their dispatch to customers and our subsidiaries. I must have a complete vision of our stock, minimizing and reporting possible incidents. From the warehouse, we must ensure that every product that is loaded or unloaded in our facilities complies with all our quality protocols, which involve all departments of Ernesto Ventós.

What differentiates Ventós in the market?
The a la carte service. The customer asks, we respond instantly. Nothing is impossible.

What would you highlight the most about your team?
The dedication and commitment, whitout a doubt. I am very proud of them.

What do you like most about your work?
Immediacy. Having to make immediate decisions. Speed.

What is the base of your favourite perfume?
Oriental notes, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and of course, Vanilla

What smells take you back to your childhood?
I had a very urban childhood, but I am still transported by the smell of wet earth after the rain, and the smell of vanilla from when my mother made large quantities of flan for me and my siblings.

Your ideal vacation destination? What would your perfect vacation be like?
I have two ideal destinations, either lost in Scotland or some Nordic country, between forests and mist or very, very quiet in a coastal village in Tarragona.

Main trait of your character?

What style of music do you listen to? Favorite singer?
Melodic. I like warm female voices, Luz Casal, Rosana.

What is your favorite hobby?
I have no time to waste.

If a film director offered you to make a movie about your life, which actor or actress would you like to play your character?
Paul Newman or Marlon Brando would do well.

Would you prefer to travel to the past or to the future?
You can only travel to the future.