I love every day doing, living or knowing something new

In this interview we will learn a little about the most personal facet of our Webmaster, Francesc Piella.

Jaume RibaExplain to us your day-to-day management.
My main task is to manage the website of Ventós and Prodasynth, to provide employees and customers with the necessary documentation of the products we sell, offer or are sent as samples. To do this, I have to update the website due to the new certificates that are appearing. I also have to keep up to date with new technologies that affect the web engine.
And, together with our Marketing department, I collaborate in the generation of publications both on LinkedIn and Instagram.

What differentiates Ventós in the market?
I am not in a position to know the opinion of our customers and suppliers in a direct way. I have no personal contact with them. But I do see how our website is used by our customers with high usage rates. This use of the web together with the impact of our publications in social networks and the comments shared by our customers, lead me to think that we are a company that dedicates a great effort to provide a good service to its customers, achieves it and is recognized by customers.

What do you like most about your work?
The fact that my work is not monotonous or repetitive means that every day I have something new to do and learn from. And I love that.

What would you mix a gin and tonic with?
I would mix a Gin and tonic, with soft and relaxed music, wooden benches, a sea breeze at sunset, palm trees decorated with warm bulbs and some friends with whom to share a good time, after a fun dinner.

What smells take you back to your childhood?
The smell of pine resin. It reminds me of when I used to go to my grandparents' house at Easter and climb the pine trees. And I ended up with my hands full of resin that I had to remove with oil. The smell of saltpetre, the sea, the seaweed and the sand also takes me back to my childhood.

Your ideal vacation destination? What would your perfect vacation be like?
For me, vacations are about doing what I don't normally do. And luckily there are many places in the world that have something special. Valleys in the Pyrenees, beaches in the Balearic Islands, European cities, ...
And if I had to define the perfect vacation, it would be one in which I would have enjoyed every day doing, living or knowing something new, no matter the place.

Main trait of your character?
It is difficult to define oneself. I am a Libra and I think I have many traits of this zodiac sign. I try to be fair, to be balanced without reaching chaos on the one hand or rigidity on the other. Letting myself go with conscience. I try to see the positive side of things, and if they have a funny side, also.

What style of music do you listen to?
Both quiet and relaxing music for quiet and calm moments, and rock music with a strong rhythm to give me energy.
And as for musical groups, my heart is divided in two. Radio Futura and El Último de la Fila. I love their lyrics.

What is your favorite hobby?
Strolling through the mountains and getting lost in the paths and trails I find. I love to ask myself "And this path, where does it lead to, what will it be like?".

If a film director offered you to make a movie about your life, which actor or actress would you like to play your character?
Luis Zahera. He is a Spanish actor, known for the supporting characters he plays. I love his great expressiveness and emotion in his performances. He transmits a lot with just one look.

Would you prefer to travel to the past or to the future?
I prefer to live day by day, the here and now, learning from the past, in order to build the future.