In life, you are what you love

In this interview we will learn a little about the most personal facet of our Production Plan Manager, Josep María Viñas.

Angela MurilloExplain to us your day-to-day management.
The tasks of a Production Manager are:
Coordination of the plant personnel in charge of 3 shifts.
Production planning according to the commercial demands together with Gemma Parramon (Commercial Director responsible for the plant).
Calculation of production costs following commercial demands.
Selection of raw materials and processing with the warehouse for the transfer of these to the plant.
Solve different problems that arise with the productions and plant machinery, together with the plant and maintenance personnel.
Registration of manufacturing orders of plant products.
Analysis of production costs and production yields as well as solving incidences detected by our QC about the final products in order to reach the desired quality standards.
Management and processing of finished material for transfer to our warehouses.
Management of samples to QC.
Development of new products that may be of commercial interest.
Development of taylor mades.
Coordination and planning with R&D-Biotechnology of bionat production as well as participating in the development of new bionats.
Supervision of compliance with preventive maintenance, cleanliness and order in the plant, as well as the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the different products.

What differentiates Ventós in the market?
What stands out most about Ventós as a differential level with other companies is:
The large number of aromatic chemical products that Ventós works with for the perfumery/cosmetics and food industry.
The companies represented by Ventós such as BASF, Firmenich or IFF that manufacture high quality and leading products.
The great development of international subsidiaries that makes delivery times short and communication with the customer more fluid.
At Ventos Barcelona, its different departments with very experienced staff make us work in a very efficient and customer oriented way. I highlight our main warehouse that every day prepares the different orders in a very efficient way, our quality control with a lot of experience, our sales team always looking for 100% customer satisfaction, our regulatory department always adapting products to new regulations, our IT team that have developed a software tailored to the needs of Ventós, our purchasing team, administration, accounting and HR, also, with extensive experience.
At the level of my department, I think it was a wise decision around 2005 to create a production plant betting on natural products. This allows us to have a more extensive knowledge of natural products and essential oils, to be closer to the different perfumers to satisfy their concerns about different ingredients and to be able to present new products developed in the plant that substantially improve what is already on the market at trade fairs. I also think it is a success to have created departments such as R&D-Biotechnology for the development of new generation natural ingredients, as well as the V-Fl department focused on the creation of ingredients for aromas.

What do you like most about your work?
What I like most about my job is being able to work with so many ingredients that convey scent, color, memories, sensations, dreams.
When we develop a new ingredient that brings distinctive and innovative notes, it gives me enormous satisfaction.
In the end, I have made Ventós a way of life. After all, in life you are what you love, not what loves you...

Of the 3,000 products we have in stock, which is your favorite?
It is very difficult to choose one ingredient among so many wonderful ingredients that we have in stock.
Among the natural ones, I love our patchouli coeur with that characteristic smell of damp earth on rainy days. I love the smell of Iris, its irones transmit me a sense of well-being, peace. Our lemon Spain concentrate 5x is also wonderful, the ability to make you salivate.
As for synthetics, I love our Gamma methyl ionone 95, Amber Xtreme or Timbersilk.

What smells take you back to your childhood?
The smell of cedarwood brings me back to my crayons as a child. Citrus such as Lemon, Tangerine or Orange essential oils or sweet aromas such as Vanillin, Ethyl Maltol bring me back to the ice cream I ate as a child.
Some bionat esters that we manufacture in the plant also take me back to jelly beans as a child.
The smell of Bergamot takes me back to the first colognes I wore as a child.

Your ideal vacation destination? What would your perfect vacation be like?
I love visiting capitals and cities with beautiful historic buildings.
The trip that is still pending is to visit the west coast of the USA. It has always fascinated me since I was a child. Many movies and series that I have liked a lot have been developed with sets of the west coast.
My perfect vacation consists of walking all day long through charming cities, discovering beautiful corners, and visiting museums in those cities.

Main trait of your character?
I consider myself a very humble, hard-working and tenacious person.

What style of music do you listen to? Favorite singer?
Music is one of the basic pillars of my life, as a child I learned to play a little guitar and drums, and even played drums in a band for years.
During the years of my life I have been transforming and evolving musically, but I have always had quite particular tastes.
During these last years, I feel a real devotion for emotive pop with baritone singers.

My favorite band at the moment is The National. I love Matt Berninger's voice. I also like Mishima a lot. I love David Carabén and currently I listen a lot to a group called Fontaines DC and the last two albums recorded by Leonard Cohen, they are wonderful.

What is your favorite hobby?
I like to play paddle tennis once or twice a week. I have also taken a liking to play chess lately.

If a film director offered you to make a movie about your life, which actor or actress would you like to play your character?
Without a doubt, Bryan Cranston, it gives you a strange emotional feeling to put on trial on a scale of morals vs. ethics.

Would you prefer to travel to the past or to the future?
I think traveling to the past is dangerous, I would travel to the future. With so many technological innovations I would like to know what the world will be like in 20 years for example.