Food Safety Certifications

Ernesto Ventós S.A. has the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 certifications for both its warehouse and its distillation plant, covering the design, production, packing, storing and trading of flavours, essential oils and flavour ingredients.

FSSC 22000 COL 1cm
ISO 22000 COL 1cm
Distillation Plant
FSSC 22000 COL 1cm
ISO 22000 COL 1cm

Organic Certifications

Ernesto Ventós S.A. is registered with the CT-5108-EIC number in the Register of operators of organic production as a producer, importer and trader in accordance with Article 29.1 of Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

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Ernesto Ventós S.A takes care to ensure that its products comply with all specifications, not only those connected with quality but also those deriving from the legislation of the different governing bodies and from the industry itself, regarding fragrances as well as flavours.



OnLine Documentation

Our clients can find in our website all the documents related to their products, samples or purchasing orders: SPECS, MSDS, Kosher, Halal, Food grade…



COLLABORATION and participation

We are an active member of a number of associations in the sector (IFEAT, AEFFAA, AMAF, EFEO) and collaborate with companies of the sector in the implementation of new legislative developments.

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